Monday, February 23, 2009

News Article

The channel 12 CAMM news station has announced the hiring of four new staff members. Mike Levy, Carter Kopach, Mary Woodaz, and Alexandra Jarvis will be starting their positions on March 6, 2009. CAMM news has beenvoted as the #1 International news network and they hope that the newadditions will help maintain their #1 rating.

The New York based company is also expanding its broadcasting with the reporting of Equestrian sports. Veterinarian Mary Woodaz, will take thelead in the new equine sports reporting where she will provide a look into a sport that isn’t well known throughout. She will join new anchor Mike Levy and new sideline reporter Carter Kopach on the sports crew. Mike and Carter will be able to give play by play reports from the game to the studio in manner that will give the viewers what they are looking for. A CAMM spokesman said the station “hopes to be able to provide services that no other news broadcast can” with these new additions to their staff.

Also new to the team is Alexandra Jarvis who is an intern that was given the opportunity to join veteran International reporter, Darlene Kitna. According to CAMM, the
International team will be reporting breaking news from Columbia, Bolivia, and many other
countries in South and Latin America. One of CAMM’s missions has been to provide news to audiences that would not normally be able to learn about foreign places.

CAMM spokesman have shown much optimism about their new crew members and the say they want to continue pleasing audiences and boost their ratings even further ahead of competitors.

Sunday, February 22, 2009

How to do an interview

Instructions on how to conduct an interview as a reporter

When working as a reporter for either a newspaper or a news station you need to make sure you follow a few key steps. The following is a set of instructions on how to properly prepare you for an interview as a reporter.

Things you’ll need:
· A Topic
· A Notepad, Camera, Audio Recorder, or Very Good Memory.

Step 1
Before the interview, have a plan. Make sure you do your research about what you'll be talking about so that you can ask relevant questions about the topic.

Step 2
Make a list of questions, but don't plan on relying on them at all times. The list will simply be an outline of the basic concepts you want to cover.

Step 3
Show up early. It seems like a no-brainer, but nothing says you don't really care about the interview if you show up late.

Step 4
At the interview itself, be friendly and speak conversationally. Let the interviewer open up to you.

Step 5
Ask your questions, and LISTEN TO THE ANSWERS. Listing is the single most important thing you'll do at an interview. More often you will come up with new questions that you never would have asked had you not been paying attention to the answers.

Step 6
Allow the interview to branch off on different topics, but don't let it get out of hand. You came in with a plan, and know what you're after.

Step 7
Thank the person for their time, and if possible get their contact information. Ask them if you can call them later with follow-up questions.

· Be conversational, but don't give the impression that you're taking the topic lightly.
· If you don't feel safe in a situation, leave.

Michael Levy

Tuesday, February 10, 2009




NEW YORK (January 3, 2009)- CAMM News, an international and sports broadcasting news network, is pleased to announce the hiring of four new staff members. Due to our personable and thorough news reporting, which has drawn viewers, CAMM is proud to be able to expand our staff. CAMM added to its already efficient news team a new sports anchor, Mike Levy, an Equine sporting consultant Mary Woodaz, sideline reporter Carter Kopach, and we have been able to also offer an internship position which has been filled by Alexandra Jarvis.

Our devoted and newly established news crew is already winning awards. The New York Times voted CAMM News as number one for Sports broadcasting coverage in 2008. New anchor Mike Levy and his correspondent Carter Kopach are not only informational but entertaining in their witty repertoire. We are confident that these gentlemen will be able to satisfy avid sports followers as well as the casual fan.

Our team is also expanding its sports reporting to equine sports and with new consultant Dr. Mary Woodaz DVM. She is well trained and has a love for the sport that will likely leave you more interested in this under-rated activity. The reported news will be accurate and well informed. Woodaz is excited to help bring this past-time into the homes of our viewers.

Viewers can also look forward to learning more about foreign countries and cultures by watching our experienced International reporter, Darlene Kitna, and here new highly qualified intern, Alexandra Jarvis. The duo will be reporting in Columbia about vicious drug turf wars, about poverty in Bolivia, and many other countries around South and Central America. Jarvis has been selected from a highly competitive group of intern applications and will be a great addition to our International team.

Thanks to all of our viewer support, CAMM news has been a favorite and trusted channel by many people in local New York, as well as throughout the country. We are proud to bring you new team members to further improve your news and we hope that audiences everywhere will appreciate the additions.